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The United States has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world and that number is steadily increasing. This is also the case for the states Inspired Shot serves. Since most states including Ohio, North Carolina and Mississippi have instituted concealed carry permit class legislation allowing guns to be carried under license by ordinary citizens who successfully complete a concealed carry firearms training class and then pass a security check, gun crime has been declining as is overall gun violence.

Protect Yourself and Family

Many of us want to be better prepared to deal with violent and dangerous situations that threaten our lives and the security of our families. We provide firearm concealed carry training that gives you the knowledge and confidence to lawfully protect yourself and your family using your constitutional right to bare arms.

Obey the Law

The Ohio Revised Code Section 2923.125 permits Ohio residents to carry a concealed handgun. But you must follow the proper procedures to obtain a permit. Upon completion of our concealed carry course, you will meet the requirements to obtain an Ohio State Concealed Carry license.

Our Concealed Carry Course

Our certified class instructors have a strong passion for what they teach. They encourage you to share their enthusiasm for responsible gun ownership.

Our class is one session of 8 hours instruction plus handgun firing range practice. Any course that is shorter in classroom or gun range time does not meet Ohio Requirements and should be avoided!!

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Group discounts are available. Special dates and time are available for large groups.

You do not have to be an NRA member to take this training course!

We provide courses on:
  • CCL (Concealed Carry License)
  • CCP (Concealed Carry Permit)
  • CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons)
Protect yourself while obeying the law. Enroll in a Toledo, Ohio area / Northwest Ohio, or Southestern North Carolina concealed carry training course offered by Inspired Shot. While we're based in Northwest Ohio with a base near Toledo, Ohio - we offer training and classes in Michigan and North Carolina as well as Mississippi. Call or E-mail for more information.